Crisis Communications Planning & Reputation Management

Does your business have a crisis communications plan or reputation management strategy in place?
Are you and your stakeholders prepared for unexpected business continuity disruptions or threats to your brand due to workplace accidents and emergencies, corporate incidents, harassment claims, product delays or deficiencies, environmental or health impacts, workplace stoppages, or other external threats?

Front Door PR’s Crisis Communications Planning has become an industry-leading standard for crisis communications, reputation management, and spokesperson training.

Our team of PR experts and communications strategists will work with your team to design, develop, and implement an effective crisis communication and reputation management playbook that will arm your organization with the tools and tactics to launch a strategic response to operational crises and reputational threats.

Deliverables will include:

  • An organizational operational readiness review and vulnerability audit.
  • Development of an in-depth crisis communication manual using our proprietary templates, with consideration for all relevant communications channels, stakeholders, and intercultural communications considerations.
  • Creation of holding statements, messaging, and stakeholder communications
  • Spokesperson(s) training and preparation
  • Media Management & Press Conferences
  • Reputation Management and Post-crisis communication strategies

Our team leads will help you develop a complete and easy-to-follow Crisis Communication Planning & Recovery Matrix, including:

  • Pre-crisis actions checklist
  • Crisis management playbook including holding statements and Spokesperson Q&A
  • Live crisis actions and crisis management checklists
  • Social media monitoring and media inquiries chart
  • Post-crisis review
  • Crisis recovery plan

Time will be set aside for a Q&A

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2-3 hours
Cost: Quote provided upon request