How to Build Your Personal Brand

Let’s Get Personal

Today’s business environment has changed dramatically from what it was ten years ago. As networking and marketing have evolved in this hyper-social era of digital communications, so too has the demand for amplifying your personal brand.

While many business owners and entrepreneurs were familiar with the basic tenet of relationship marketing and understand the importance of networking and relationship-building, they rarely invested much time and effort building their personal brands unless they were car salesmen, real estate agents or insurance brokers. And even then, the emphasis was on name recognition rather than personal branding.

Join FDPR’s PR Pros and former media professionals, as they share proven success secrets garnered from their Internationally-recognized personal branding clients. Attendees will be guided through their signature Personal Branding Workshop, designed just for small business owners just like you.

This interactive workshop will help you identify your unique voice, discover your key differentiators and get you started on the development of the marketing collateral you need to ‘Package’ yourself professionally.

FDPR will work with participants as they lead them a personal branding workbook to help develop their unique voice and define who they are as a personal brand.

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2-3 hour

*minimum 8 participants needed to register; refunds will be issued only if we cancel for lack of participants