How to Get and Leverage Media Exposure for Personal Brands and Business Owners

The art of communication, any communication, is the ability to connect with and be relatable to your audience. You want to convey a message that an audience attends to, cares about it, shares and acts upon. One of the best ways to share your unique value proposition with the world, and your prospective audience, is through the media.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone on the inside, who has worked in a newsroom and vetted pitches, and who now runs a successful Integrated PR, Marketing Media and Branding agency, to tell you how you too can get media exposure?

As former Television producers, we will train you to think like a producer, share insider secrets on how to get, and then leverage, media attention so that you can gain meaningful media exposure, and build your personal or corporate brand.

You will learn simple ways to create and repurpose content across multiple platforms so you can share your unique voice across traditional, online and social media channels.

During this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • How to think like a producer or editor so you can craft your content or pitch in an engaging and meaningful way that maximizes your efforts
  • How YOU (or your business) can become a go-to Subject Matter Expert or Thought Leaders
  • How to Communicate with different Media Platforms in language that they speak in for more effective pitches
  • When and how to pitch your story idea
  • Tips for creating a standout press release that will grab media attention
  • How to leverage media attention to build momentum and brand recognition
  • When and how to share with different media – traditional and online
  • Time will be set aside for a Q&A

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2 hours