Universal Womens NetworkTM rolling out their Women Driving Change Initiative on Semi-Trailers across North America with the help of the Canadian Trucking Industry

Universal Womens NetworkTM (UNW) is proud to announce that they have partnered with the Canadian Transportation Industry, and aligned companies committed to Diversity and Inclusion, to launch the Women Driving Change initiative across North America.

On March 8th, a fleet of semi-trailer trucks wrapped with the faces of diverse leaders from industries where women are under-represented in the workforce hit the road from their Mississauga, ON depot to travel across North America as part of a moving billboard campaign. The spring and summer initiative will lead into the campaign’s Spot the Truck Fall Road Show. Universal Womens NetworkTM, along with Penner International Inc, Highlight Motor Group Inc, and Maritime Ontario, are on a mission to empower, connect, and inspire one billion women to be seen, heard, and valued!