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From a young age, it was embedded in our heads to be “ourselves” and be “unique”. Who knew this would be setting us up for the adult version of “finding yourself”— otherwise known as, your personal brand.

I know, I know. It’s a little confusing. We’re used to brands being products, not actual people. Thanks to a shift in marketing and increase in social media, individualized, personal branding is the new career strategy. Just take a look on Instagram! Anyone can be a celebrity with a mass following in their own industry.

So what exactly is a personal brand?

A personal brand is developing and establishing yourself as an industry leader within your scope of expertise. It’s how you market yourself and how you express yourself to others. By being in control of your personal brand, you’re showing others what you want them to see; your skills, your values, your legacy. It makes you worth listening to.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or successful business person, you should already have established some key elements you need to grow your personal brand:

  • What’s your message?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • What are your values, skills, topic knowledge?
  • Why are you unique?

In today’s business world, consumers feel more comfortable connecting with and trusting, self-made entrepreneurs instead of large companies. Maintaining an air of accessibility and authenticity is a major factor since consumers feel relatable to you. Many personal brands succeed because they expose their weaknesses, along with their strengths, in blog posts and media interviews. At the end of the day, it’s not about selling yourself. It’s about making yourself available to the average person.

Having a well thought out and executed personal brand will not only give you the edge in your field of expertise, but also:

  • Open the door to business and professional opportunities
  • Leverage your network
  • Help you take control over your social media image
  • Give you credibility
  • Achieve your target market
  • Increase sales and marketing
  • Being sought out for business advice
  • Give YOU a sense of yourself

A well-developed personal brand is the difference between where you are today, and what you can achieve for a successful and profitable future. Let us help you conquer this next step in your career!

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