4 Easy Ways to Spring Clean

4 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Brand’s Image

Spring is in the air! We’ve made it through the frigid Canadian winter (and one or two false Springs), and now we’re in the home stretch. With the warmer weather, it’s the perfect time to polish up your credentials, online persona, and update your EPK and get ready for a summer of media and visibility! Here are 4 easy ways to spring-clean your brand’s image to prepare for speaking engagements and media spots. 

1. Swap Out Your Profile Pic:

Time to flash those pearly whites and update that head shot! Swap out your current profile pictures on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and in your EPK for a fresh new photo. When you meet with a producer or journalist in person or virtually, will they be able to recognize you based on the photo you’re currently using?

2. Out with the Old:

When a journalist or producer is researching a person, they’ll head to your socials and websites to check you out. It’s time to toss out your old bio and website, and update it with fresh achievements and recommendations. Maybe you have a new book to highlight, or you want to remove a certain client from the list of people you’ve worked with? Make sure your bio reflects an updated version of you and your business.

3. Shake Out Your Content:

Take a peek at your speaking topics, and make sure they’re relevant to your audience in a post-covid world. Or perhaps you don’t have any speaking topics at all! Aim for 2-3 relevant speaking points that help your audience.

4. Wash and Iron Your LinkedIn:

While LinkedIn may not be your main social platform of choice, it’s always handy to have it updated. Ask a trusted colleague to check out your profile. Does it properly tell your story?

One last sweep:

Finally, take a look at all your content. Review what resonated and what didn’t with your audience. Ask yourself:

  • Is it how you presented it (too much copy, not enough, videos too long, bland pictures)?
  • Is the timing right? When do people engage with your content the most?
  • If you’re pitching media, are you getting any uptick, or is it falling on deaf ears? If so, is it the topic itself or the angle you’re taking with it? Are they looking for experts or commentary in that area or is there another area of expertise you can speak that may be more valuable and get you in the door? Remember, It’s not about YOU, it’s about how what you know, have or share can help others.

These 4 easy ways to spring-clean your brand’s image will freshen up your profile and help you prepare for pitching and landing media! Your future self will thank you for fixing problems before they’re a problem.

Time to roll up your sleeves, and get to cleaning!

For more tips, case studies, and behind the scenes at Front Door PR, read some of our other FDPR blog posts!


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