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Why you need to STOP posting on Social Media Platforms to GROW

Remember the good ‘ole days of social media platforms, when Myspace reigned supreme and all you had to worry about was if you had made it into your best friend’s top 5? Gone are the simple days when we all were figuring out how to wield social media – Instagram was full of crazy filters, Youtubers were posting silly videos rather than curated vlogs, and Facebook was full of people spewing their opinions and getting into fights…well, that last one may still be true.

With the ever evolving digital landscape, and trying to connect with your audience on social media platforms, it can be overwhelming. But if you’re struggling with posting consistently to Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Periscope, and whatever new platform pops up, I’m here to say one magical word:


You don’t need to be on every social platform. Only the social platform that your audience is also on. As one saavy business owner that you may know said:

Quality is more important than quantity.

– Steve Jobs

For example, let’s say you’re a children’s author and illustrator. You want parents and their kids to see the pages of your book. Think of where they’d hang out, their lifestyle, their current needs and interests. They’re definitely not going to be roaming around a social platform like LinkedIn looking for cute kids clothing or tips on how to deal with picky eaters. 

Brainstorm your ideal customer or audience: who they are, what their age range is, what they’re interested in. The next time you’re chatting with them a simple “Hey, what social media platforms do you usually use?” could reveal that Instagram is out and TikTok is in. 

As I always like to think, work smarter, not harder. Don’t burn yourself out posting content on every single social media platform just for the sake of posting. Focus on narrowing down platforms, and post quality content that connects, engages and gives value to your audience. Even if it’s only one or two platforms, rather than the whole shebang, that long term focus will increase engagement and results.

What social media platforms are you currently posting to, and what social platform could you drop? And while you’re at it, what platforms could use an audit?

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Ilieana George
Ilieana George
5 months ago

Great tip!

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