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Let’s have a Pitchfest! Learn to Pitch Like a Pro

At some point in every businesses you have to do it – Pitch; pitch yourself, your business, what makes you ‘special’, and why your potential customers or clients want what you have to offer. While elevator pitches are good for summarizing who you are and what you do, they aren’t enough. Whether you’re pitching to […]

Understanding SEO and How to Use it to Grow your Business

Want to get more leads, make more sales, and build your website’s visibility online with search engines like Google and Bing? Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is about helping search engines send more people to your site. Like Jerry McGuire, Google is asking you: While some parts of SEO require some technical know-how, a lot of […]

How to Send and Receive GoDaddy Email From Gmail

There are a few different guides on linking your GoDaddy account with Gmail already around, but I always found them lacking to one degree or another. Here is a comprehensive guide on linking your GoDaddy email account with your Gmail account, so that you can send and receive email from your GoDaddy account via your Gmail account.

What John Carter Can Teach Us About Marketing

As the year ends, blogosphere and conversation among movie fans will be focused on enumerating the cinematic achievements of 2012. And amid the accolades and fanfare for the best actors, directors and just flat-out great films, talk/posts are sure to turn to subject of John Carter. Hollywood-watchers love a good bomb almost as much – much, […]