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The Luck of an Intervention

Have you ever had an intervention? Ever had an earth angel give you a loving shove out of your comfort zone? Ever wonder why some people bother interfering in your business? This week marks the 7th Anniversary of my business, Front Door PR. It’s been through a couple iterations over the years but at its […]

How to Build an Integrated Content Planning Editorial Calendar

Are you an Expert in your field? Do you have something to teach or inform the public or your community? Do you have a strategic plan for sharing you thought leadership? Do you find Blogging or writing difficult or overwhelming? We can help! Everyone with a personal brand, a corporate brand or a business needs […]

Is It Time To Invest In PR?

So, you’ve kickstarter’ed your start-up. You’re ready to launch your new website, app, service or innovation and the time has come for you to focus on your marketing efforts. One of the biggest challenges facing start-ups is how much or how little to invest in PR and marketing. There are two schools of thought on […]

Social Media: Best, Absolutely, Positively Necessary Practices

The opportunity inherent in social media for even the smallest SME to compete on a level playing field is a good news/bad news scenario: The good news is that the fundamental steps to a proper internet marketing strategy are generally simple and inexpensive; the bad news is that, once implemented, consistent maintenance and input are […]

What is Branding and How is it Done?

What is branding? From a pragmatic 21st-century entrepreneur’s perspective, it’s becoming nearly everything. As a greater percentage of commerce becomes based in virtual services, an effective logo and/or website name can make or break an SME. However, the mysteries of SME branding are ultimately not that complex and the answers to such questions may actually […]