We are in the midst of an unprecedented and scary time where COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle and our everyday lives. In order to protect the health and safety of our clients and our media colleagues, Front Door PR has made the decision to suspend all in-studio media appearances until further notice. 

While we recognize the shift in headline news, our objective is to continue our strategic outreach, and to execute the marketing initiatives we are able to, even if it means having to pivot our strategy and do things a bit differently.

We are fortunate to live in a time where we have access to a breadth of online options and video conferencing solutions that allow our clients and colleagues to share their expertise, good news, and innovative tips and ideas without putting themselves or our media friends in jeopardy.

We encourage our colleagues and friends to take this time to experiment with different video conferencing providers, try out the various video or content development options on mobile phones and through apps, and get creative with how you connect with your clients and customers—people are craving content that is positive, engaging and fresh!

As we navigate these new challenges with creative approaches, our standard of service and commitment to you and your brand remains our primary focus. We will continue to promote and advocate and are striving to find new avenues to share your business, brand, book or thought leadership with your audience. 

In the spirit of collaboration, our team is proud to offer FREE webinars (register here) to help you creatively leverage your marketing efforts during this difficult time. In addition to our online webinars, we have shared some of our simple tips and tricks on our blog page, including our latest blog: “Five Ways to Effectively Market Your Business In The Midst of Being Quarantined.

History has shown us that uncertain times spur innovation, progress and a spirit of community. Together, we can take advantage of the opportunities before us as a community of entrepreneurs and businesses, and find new ways to tell our stories, create a positive impact through our offerings and thought leadership, and infuse our feeds with optimism.

From your team at Front Door PR,

Rania, Erin, Dessy, Grace, Jordan, Chantal, Colleen, Mike

Five Ways to Effectively Market Your Business In The Midst of Being Quarantined

Nearly every individual and organization is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. With widespread, indefinite closures and cancellations, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our lives in ways we’ve never imagined—and I’m not just talking about the mystery of panic toilet paper hoarding. Globally, businesses are suffering, and they are feeling the devastating financial effects ripple through like rapid wildfire. 

As hard as it is to believe, challenging times can create opportunities for many; along with adversity comes creativity. And now more than ever, it’s time to re-think how your business can survive and evolve during these unprecedented times. 

  • Speak up: Out of sight means out of mind, so staying silent during a time of turmoil is an easy way to sink your business. Your customers want to know what measures you’re taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Will you be offering your products online? Are refunds available? Keep the lines of communication open: reach out to them via email, post a note to the homepage of your website, call them, let them know what they can expect in the coming weeks and how they can find you. 
  • Get Social (at a distance): Increasing your social media presence has never been as important as it is now. Consumers are yearning for some sort of entertainment while in quarantine. Engage with your audience via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Set up a virtual fitness group, do a Facebook Live every day with a new craft idea or product demo, or share some educational content, perhaps even a webinar series. Whatever is relevant to your business, share it! Check out what our friends at Zirkova Vodka are doing on their Instagram page for some inspiration!
  • Spotlight: Brand Awareness and visibility are of the utmost importance during this time. Don’t be shy about leveraging your local media partners to provide tips, advice and insight on how this pandemic is affecting your industry. You may even suggest doing a light-hearted interactive segment (virtual, of course)—people still need the ‘feel-good’ stories, especially at a time when we’re being inundated with bad news.   This is the time to start writing those blogs or how-tos, experiment with video and video conferencing platforms, and brainstorm new methods of getting in front of your audience so that it is meaningful and helpful to them.
  • Reflect: Whether we like it or not, life is moving a bit slower these days, which is a great opportunity to catch up on ‘administrative work’. Re-evaluate your business plan, work on business development, ensure your website is well-optimized for search engines, create evergreen content, offer online deals or discounts, maybe even think of creating a more engaging marketing campaign. 
  • Build Relationships Not Just Connections: More and more people are online using social platforms to network. Take the time to engage with them by sending a personal note, comment on their posts, get to know them, look for opportunities to collaborate or partner with them. Support them, don’t pitch them.

Let’s all take this opportunity to slow down, reflect, learn new skills, experiment with social media, share with each other, find new ways to collaborate, AND build relationships rather than just connections….and have some fun while we’re at it!

Zirkova Vodka’s Instagram feed is full of inspiration!