Crisis Communications Planning & Reputation Management

Does your business have a crisis communications plan or reputation management strategy in place?
Are you and your stakeholders prepared for unexpected business continuity disruptions or threats to your brand due to workplace accidents and emergencies, corporate incidents, harassment claims, product delays or deficiencies, environmental or health impacts, workplace stoppages, or other external threats?

Front Door PR’s Crisis Communications Planning has become an industry-leading standard for crisis communications, reputation management, and spokesperson training.

Our team of PR experts and communications strategists will work with your team to design, develop, and implement an effective crisis communication and reputation management playbook that will arm your organization with the tools and tactics to launch a strategic response to operational crises and reputational threats.

Deliverables will include:

  • An organizational operational readiness review and vulnerability audit.
  • Development of an in-depth crisis communication manual using our proprietary templates, with consideration for all relevant communications channels, stakeholders, and intercultural communications considerations.
  • Creation of holding statements, messaging, and stakeholder communications
  • Spokesperson(s) training and preparation
  • Media Management & Press Conferences
  • Reputation Management and Post-crisis communication strategies

Our team leads will help you develop a complete and easy-to-follow Crisis Communication Planning & Recovery Matrix, including:

  • Pre-crisis actions checklist
  • Crisis management playbook including holding statements and Spokesperson Q&A
  • Live crisis actions and crisis management checklists
  • Social media monitoring and media inquiries chart
  • Post-crisis review
  • Crisis recovery plan

Time will be set aside for a Q&A

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2-3 hours
Cost: Quote provided upon request


How to Get (More) Speaking Gigs

Have Something to Say? Let’s Talk!

With the advent of TED Talks, GoalCast, Leadercast, MoMondays’, and every other speaker forum in between, more and more people are getting over the world’s purported ‘#1 fear’ and getting up to speak – on a stage, in front of hundreds – and even thousands – of people.

It seems easy when you watch someone share their wisdom from the security of your laptop or cell phone, but behind every perfectly-timed 14-minute TEDx talk is likely a hundred hours of preparation, practice, proofing and performance anxiety. And while those opportunities are excellent personal brand amplifiers, the money is in the paid gigs – the corporates and trade conferences. Yet with so many people vying for the same piece of the stage, how do you stand out, and how do you get more paid bookings?

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Work through exercises to discover who you are as a speaker
  • Develop your signature speech
  • Organize your speaker tool chest
  • Find out why you need a speaker/media kit
  • Learn insider secrets for how to build your speaker profile and book more speaking gigs
  • How to market yourself as a speaker
  • Q&A

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2 hours

*minimum 8 participants needed to register; refunds will be issued only if we cancel for lack of participants


How to Build Your Personal Brand

Let’s Get Personal

Today’s business environment has changed dramatically from what it was ten years ago. As networking and marketing have evolved in this hyper-social era of digital communications, so too has the demand for amplifying your personal brand.

While many business owners and entrepreneurs were familiar with the basic tenet of relationship marketing and understand the importance of networking and relationship-building, they rarely invested much time and effort building their personal brands unless they were car salesmen, real estate agents or insurance brokers. And even then, the emphasis was on name recognition rather than personal branding.

Join FDPR’s PR Pros and former media professionals, as they share proven success secrets garnered from their Internationally-recognized personal branding clients. Attendees will be guided through their signature Personal Branding Workshop, designed just for small business owners just like you.

This interactive workshop will help you identify your unique voice, discover your key differentiators and get you started on the development of the marketing collateral you need to ‘Package’ yourself professionally.

FDPR will work with participants as they lead them a personal branding workbook to help develop their unique voice and define who they are as a personal brand.

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2-3 hour

*minimum 8 participants needed to register; refunds will be issued only if we cancel for lack of participants


How to Write an Effective & Engaging Press Release that will get the media’s attention

Do you have important information to share?
Are you an Expert on a particular topic or in a specific market?
Are you putting on an event or launching something new?
Do you want to build your brand and get more free earned media?

During this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • What it takes to make an impactful pitch to a producer, reporter or assignment editor
  • What media people want, and need, from you
  • How to write an effective and engaging press release
  • How to write a catchy headline
  • What is a hook? And why do you need one?
  • How to turn your topic into a timely and relevant pitch
  • What are the components of a good press release
  • When and how to pitch your story Idea
  • Why you need to develop and Editorial Calendar
  • The Do’s and Don’t when contacting media

Time will be set aside for a Q&A

Participants will be asked to submit their event, topic or idea prior to the webinar for review. Participants will be provided with a generic template to work from.

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2-3 hours


How to Get and Leverage Media Exposure for Personal Brands and Business Owners

The art of communication, any communication, is the ability to connect with and be relatable to your audience. You want to convey a message that an audience attends to, cares about it, shares and acts upon. One of the best ways to share your unique value proposition with the world, and your prospective audience, is through the media.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone on the inside, who has worked in a newsroom and vetted pitches, and who now runs a successful Integrated PR, Marketing Media and Branding agency, to tell you how you too can get media exposure?

As former Television producers, we will train you to think like a producer, share insider secrets on how to get, and then leverage, media attention so that you can gain meaningful media exposure, and build your personal or corporate brand.

You will learn simple ways to create and repurpose content across multiple platforms so you can share your unique voice across traditional, online and social media channels.

During this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • How to think like a producer or editor so you can craft your content or pitch in an engaging and meaningful way that maximizes your efforts
  • How YOU (or your business) can become a go-to Subject Matter Expert or Thought Leaders
  • How to Communicate with different Media Platforms in language that they speak in for more effective pitches
  • When and how to pitch your story idea
  • Tips for creating a standout press release that will grab media attention
  • How to leverage media attention to build momentum and brand recognition
  • When and how to share with different media – traditional and online
  • Time will be set aside for a Q&A

Estimated Time for Workshop: 2 hours


How to Build an Integrated Content Planning Editorial Calendar

Are you an Expert in your field?
Do you have something to teach or inform the public or your community?
Do you have a strategic plan for sharing you thought leadership?
Do you find Blogging or writing difficult or overwhelming?

We can help!

Everyone with a personal brand, a corporate brand or a business needs to develop an editorial calendar and we can help teach you how to build one…and help integrate your content calendar with your social media plan.

During this interactive webinar you will learn:

  • The first steps to building a content calendar
  • How to write a blog easily and effectively
  • How to come up with a great headline for your blog (samples will be provided)
  • How to turn your blog into media pitch and social media content
  • Tricks for creating blogs as your go
  • Tips for how to generate timely content
  • When and how to share with different media – traditional and online
  • Time will be set aside for a Q&A

Participants will be provided a generic template with which to build their calendars
Estimated Time for Workshop: 2 hour

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